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My name is Antaliya Drakulic

Antaliya Drakulic being awarded the Stealth Battle Gi Prize by Chas Barker, for the Blog Writing Competition

I am fourteen years old. I have trained at Strike MMA in Port Kennedy, for a little more than 4 years. I love training at Strike MMA. The environment is wonderful and the coaches are determined and inspiring supporters. Today, I will explain to you the reasons why I believe that you should train MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

If you have never attempted to explore the world of Mixed Martial Arts, you are missing out! Regardless of your gender and age, MMA has a variety of health and fitness benefits. Other training styles will teach you specific skills such as punching, kicking or wrestling, but MMA combines all sorts of styles together to produce an exciting sport.

1) MMA training is a valuable way to teach you self-defense. Using multiple techniques, you learn to defend and allow yourself to avoid potential dangers as well as build necessary reflexes to prevent dangerous situations.

Before I joined Strike MMA, I was constantly bullied in school. Boys wouldn’t only tease me but physically bully me. I would beg my parents to avoid school and I completely lost my self-confidence. However, as I began to frequently train at Strike MMA and learnt techniques...

"I redeveloped my confidence to defend myself and stood up to my bullies".


Antaliya Drakulic winning Gold with coach David Johnson

2) If you are looking for an efficient way to get into shape and increase your physical performance, you should definitely consider MMA. All the intense drills and sparring or grappling for minute rounds are great yet brutal cardio workouts.

All the workouts at Strike MMA built up my cardio endurance and engaged different muscle groups of my body. I constantly notice positive changes in my body and health as I progress in my journey. Mixed Martial arts will be one of the hardest workouts of your life, and your body will thank you for it.

3. Mixed Martial Arts teaches you to grow both physically and mentally in both life and fighting. All practitioners of MMA are disciplined people with strong mindsets that allows them to accomplish their goals. It teaches you commitment and the determination to attend practice even when you want to sit at home and watch Netflix.

Being disciplined is what MMA is truly about, any true martial arts practitioner will never seek out violence and has great philosophy towards life, you learn how to train right, eat right and live right. MMA requires hard work and if you are disciplined enough, you’ll achieve your goal someday.

4) MMA will not only make you physically stronger but mentally. It will build self-esteem and confidence in everyone, especially in women (I know from personal experience).

You will begin to walk with your head held high and feel motivated to tackle every challenge that life throws at you. The confidence you develop not only assists you in training but follows you into daily life. You will embrace it while you are in relationships, work or school. You will finally conquer presentation and your family and friends will start to notice as the success flows through your life.

Antaliya Receiving 9 Top Academic Awards
Strike MMA students Calvin Havili & Antaliya Drakulic Thrive with Confidence & Focus in School. Antaliya Receiving 9 Top Academic Awards

5) A common misconception of people who train MMA is that they are unfriendly and violent. MMA gyms emphasise the importance of respect and you learn to respect your training partners and coaches. This value allows you to create bonds with everybody in your gym.

You will meet friends and inspirational people who will support you through struggles and encourage you to come to MMA every day. At Strike MMA, I have met countless friends and awesome coaches that help me exceed in my techniques. Those you train with will be more than friends; they will a second family.

"The confidence you develop not only assists you

in training but follows you into daily life"

-Antaliya Drakulic

This article was received for the blog entry competition run by Strike MMA. The prize was the Stealth Battle Gi, donated by This Blog was awarded the winning prize for most informative and creative writing.

Thanks to Chas Barker for the contact and prize donation.

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Choe Palmer
Choe Palmer

Well done and congratulations to Antaliya.I love your story and you are so brave and strong and you such a beautiful girl inside and out.I am so glad that's you over come those bad experience in life from bad people but you have shown the strength and believe in your self.I am so grateful for you.All my children would have you as their good role model.And to me you are the most kind heart and the most beautiful girl.Well done Antaliya.👍👏😘

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