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Perth Cup Gi Juniors 2019

In the Girls Gi Teens U-14yrs 56.5kg division

Antaliya with her proud Coach Dave Johnson

Antaliya in her first match was very sharp to start the match securing a takedown, passing to mount and attempting submissions whilst in control.

Antaliya conceded being rolled to play her guard game securing a nice armbar from underneath, hips inverted high in the air, leaving her opponent Trinity no option but to tap.

In Antaliya's next match she found a much more difficult opponent Chanelle to submit. This match for the gold medal went the full length on the clock with Antaliya amassing a dominating count on the score board and imposing a constant barrage of attacks from top positions. To her opponents credit she was resilient in her defense.

Great performances from Antaliya to win Gold.

Thanks to all Coaches, Team mates and parents who help contribute to all students preparation.

- Dave Johnson

Antaliya Drakulic wins the Girls Gi Teens U-14yrs 56.5kg division

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