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The measure of a person is the totality of their positive influence, good deeds and moral integrity. I first met Robert Lee "Bing" in 2008,

Dave Johnson & Robert Lee "Bing"

We trained together at a Jiu Jitsu club together. His son Josh was one of my training partners in preparing for fights in BJJ (Brazilian jiu jitsu) and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Both men were athletic and had clearly lead a lifetime of physical activity. Josh was a young "mini me" of his dad, "Bing". They had strong passion, focus and were always highly engaged and motivated in their training, a tough roll every time! (Grappling, BJJ) I trained with Bing and Josh for 4.5 years and had many times been to their house for training. Josh and I in 2009 both received our Blue belts on the same day at the BJJ Pan Pacific Games. This gave that day more meaning in receiving my blue as I could share it with Josh.

After 4.5yrs of Training together it was time to start Strike MMA and creating a new culture was the motivation. Josh, a short time after that joined the military and I didn't see to much of him for a couple of years.

A few of the Bings Buddy Team Dave, Lorenz, Peter, Amy, Clive, Kim, John, Dawn, Bing, Luna and Georgia

I would every now and then bump into Bingman. He had such a positive strong Aura around him. He would always invite me for the morning training sessions that he was running at Warnbro beachfront. I liked the idea of doing it, but at the time found it difficult as I started work at 6 and the bootcamp sessions he ran were at 5. Years later and finally working in the Strike MMA gym fulltime, and no longer on the tools, I took Bingman up on his offer.

I didn't know it at the time but I was about to start on a journey of extreme personal growth and awakening.

Dave and Bing, summer morning training session at Warnbro Beach, Perth WA

Now I have been surrounded by positive and inspirational people before, mentors and sensei's, but Bingman was next level. We chatted most days, he gave me books that would change my perspectives and have conversations that would re-altor my thinking. He connected with me on so many levels, listened to all my problems and issues without judgement. He would tell me stories about his upbringing, adventures and life's challenges and choices.

Bingman would be the role model and guide in my life that I needed to drive me towards my full potential.

I know he doesn't like the mushy stuff to much so I'll stop there.

Bingman has created a massive circle and network of friends that spans around the world, and locally built a community of positive people and their families.

Strike MMA is very lucky to have this man in our ranks. Even if you haven't met him yet, in some way you have been indirectly impacted by him and his ability to shape peoples lives towards positive growth, bringing the Bings Buddies and Strike MMA communities and cultures together.

This is an introduction to Robert “Bing” Lee, with some stories, insights and teachings coming from the man himself very soon.

I look forward to reading his Blogs, maybe even a few DAD jokes here and there, LOL

- Dave Johnson

Bings Buddies Training Camp

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