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In the Mens No Gi Brown Belt +97kg (Ultra heavy)

Firstly it amazes me that this guy even competed after he and his family had been hit with illness all week, his young son went to hospital a couple of times and then Chas got food poisoning towards the end of the week before the comp just to top it off.. so needless to say he was apprehensive about pushing the pace and having a low gas tank during his matches.

Chas Barker on the Left Wins Silver in +97kg division

Chas has a fantastic half guard game top and bottom. He hits a lot of sweeps from underneath and has a strong base and dynamic passing game with sub attacks from both positions. His first match was typical of this but minutes into the match Chas found himself on top half and his opponent was inverting and stepping over the far hip attacking kimora/ armlock and searching for leg isolation. Chas survived these attacks twice and the second time seized the opportunity to attack a footlock sub, rolling and tumbling with the opponent as he battled to free his leg. He was left no choice and tapped to Chas's Grips.

In Chas's Second match, he started feeling the affects of the tough week as he fought off a barrage of attacked from defending state Champion Davi. This was for the GOLD! Chas was resilient through the whole match recovering often and finishing via an onslaught of submission attacks that left his opponent injured. Chas lost via points but nonetheless put up a courageous fight to win the Silver Medal.

In the Male Brown Belt Master Open Weight

There was plenty of Submission attacks from all competitors with back and forth jostling for positional dominance. Chas was in two matches that had saw him in great transitions of attack and defense. He did well to secure bronze in this division and an overall good outcome for him considering the week he'd been through and taking away more experience and competing Mat time. Setting him up for a strong second half of the year.

Thanks to all Coaches, Team mates and families that helped contribute in preparation.

Strike MMA is so proud of all our competitors. 3 Gold 1 Silver 2 Bronze Fantistic achievements and great sportsmanship shown by all.

- Dave Johnson

Chas Barker Wins Bronze in Open Weight Division

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