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"GRIT" The No#1 determining factor for success

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Passion + perseverance for goals = GRIT

Dave Johnson digging into GRIT to Gain control during a tough fight

Strike Mixed Martial Arts team culture recognizes the value of cultivating grit within the club. We are educating individuals on the importance of grit in life and in everything our members strive to achieve, focusing on mental, emotional, physical strength and resilience.

Our aim is to educate students whilst we are training, drilling, sparring and competing (fighting) that they are developing grit and overcoming challenges. Whilst competing or training, winning or losing, they focus, find their breathe (mindfulness) and keep resetting themselves over and over again. They show resilience and they persevere. Little by little each student becomes stronger and more confident, their spirit grows. 

In general people whom experience anxiety, nervousness and depression find themselves able to be more comfortable in situations that they would normally find uncomfortable. Slowly and gradually these fears are replaced by a quiet comfort, an awareness of an ever-increasing ability to overcome any challenges, tasks or goals set. If socially the individual was struggling prior to connecting with these beliefs and culture, they now have increased levels of grit, dramatically assisting in making interactions within gatherings, at events or meeting new people.

Strike MMA Kids learning skills and cultivating #Grit

Martial Arts is truly one of the best ways to cultivate grit. 

"Trauma in a safe controlled environment", as they cultivate resilience. The students develop a passion for their sport, martial arts and their club. They set goals and develop an ability to persevere until they have achieved their goals. They have become "GRITTY"!!. Their commitment towards continued effort is ever present in everything that they pursue throughout their life. The top NFL and sporting teams around the world are now using “Grit” as the most sort after attribute during screening processes for top level recruitment. Natural talent isn't the only reason being signed for a career in an athletic organization anymore. They want to have individuals that can be consistent and maintain a strong work ethic, positive attitude and passion for their goals. Individuals that will not quit when the going gets tough or when they're having a rough patch or things aren't going their way. This is when they dig deeper and work harder than ever, instead of giving up, getting upset or emotionally depressed. They are enthused about learning, striving for growth and greater results. The top organizations are looking for those who can work as part of a team. 

In this team everyone holds the same value on being "Gritty". The No.1 determining factor for success.

- Dave Johnson

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