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What Does it Take to get into... "The Zone"

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Capture your Imagination - practice

"Deep Focus"

A flow state, also the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus.

You're about to walk into the cage for a WAR, a fifteen to twenty five minute battle that will potentially cause you a lot of damage physically, test your mental fortitude and grit. Your coach has just been warming you up and he tells you, "get in the ZONE"

Ummmmmm, How??

You haven't heard this in training. You've been hitting pads, wrestling, hitting the mats for your Jiu Jitsu rounds. You've had so many battles sparring in the lead up to the the big event.

All you've been thinking about for six to twelve weeks is that time in the future that does not exist yet.

Trying to think confidently and trying to shut out the negative self talk as you get niggling injuries or you're a bit burnt out, your immune system drops because your coach is pushing you and you're digging deep to ready yourself for WAR, ready for that night you step out under the bright lights and into the Cage.

To get into "The Zone" is not a simple thing in this environment (mma, Brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai, boxing, wrestling)

So many things can potentially not go your way.

So what are the "INGREDIENTS" for getting into a "Flow State" or "The Zone"?

Well you cultivate it. You are aware of growing the ability to drop in and out of it.

Its everytime you are in class & you are drilling, sparring or doing your conditioning. You show up with enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards the little details and all the subtle variations in every move you are doing.

Its having mindfulness and being aware of your breathe. Breathe is the key ingredient

to reset yourself over and over to stay in the present moment without distractions. Breathe helps you overcome fatigue and regulates your heart rate. Deliberate practice and focus towards whatever it is you are doing in that present moment helps you get into a flow state. You can practice this and cultivate the ability to drop nto "the zone".

It goes without saying that conditioning will play a big factor in being able to stay in a flow state. When conditioning fails we go into an instinctive survival mode. Internal resilience and grit come into play.

We can cultivate all these internal strengths through training martial arts.

If you recognize them and can be aware of these ingredients as they are developing. You will be able to harness these skills and apply them to everything you do in your life. You will have a growth mindset.

You will see things in a new perspective. You will take on challenges and setbacks. You will breathe, focus and set yourself to deliberate practice. #deepfocus #deepwork #thezone #flow #flowstate #fightiq

"Deep focus".

David Johnson

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