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Resilience "Internal Strength"

The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Now "micro resilience" can be identified with little moments of trauma & difficult situations. Overcoming any type of stress, anxiety, fatigue. Martial arts has proven to be such a great way of cultivating these areas of growth. Martial Arts when taught correctly under the guidance of good role models & mentors is one the best ways to develop resilience. Whilst practicing & drilling in such styles as Brazilian jiu jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing & combining it all in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) You are dealing with stress & trauma in a controlled & safe environment. Overcoming challenges, cultivating "micro resilience". A lot of people gravitate toward martial arts for this reason.

The bigger picture.

We've all been through tough times. We all have a story. What story do you tell yourself? Do you have positive or negative self talk? Is this the same version of things that you tell others? How much of it is joyous memories and experiences? Does your story tell of sorrow and suffering? Psychological trauma can often affect our health & sense of self worth. Physical trauma, ie an injury or disability can often lead to a greater internal drive which is usually comes from a feeling of gratitude. We can also be put through physical trauma & take on an emotional scarring that cannot be separated from our psyche even after our body has physically healed. We could have health issues & recognize we have been poisoning our bodies full of pop culture industrialized processed foods full of toxins. Leading to allergies, diseases, diabetes, cancers, Alzheimer's & dementia, to name a few. But how hard is it when food tastes so incredible & we have a relationship with food, an emotional attachment that makes it hard.


Rise from the ashes with a growth mindset.

• The first step toward a positive growth mindset is to recognize the pain, depression or suffering.

• Choose to recognize your pain is from the past, of which you now identify with & play a story in your mind of being a victim?

• The next step is to choose life without suffering.

• You let it go, you put it down. You don't identify yourself with the past.

• What is your quality of your thoughts "RIGHT NOW"??

• Positive habits is a great way to start. A daily "to do list" & achieving small goals is a great way to get the wheels turning.

• You start reading & listening to positive podcasts. Study!! (Recommendations, author: Paulo Cielo."The Alchemist". Eckhart Tolle. #1"The power of Now" #2 "A new Earth") (Podcast: "The psychology podcast" by Scott Barry Kaufman) #hp6 #highperformancehabits By Brendon Burchard

• You start playing sport, going to the gym or doing a martial arts, yoga or palates. Walks or jog.

• You surround yourself with positive people who have conversational intelligence.

• You choose to have a positive attitude & enthusiasm towards your tasks & connections with others. You are on your way. You have started to live the rest of your life by the quality of your present moment. Your presence, awareness &gratitude for the present moment is all you have. You love yourself enough to focus on positive behavior & thoughts. You feed your body good whole foods.Stimulating new strong cellular growth. You thrive!!!I no longer identify with suffering or a victim story. You have overcome suffering.

You are now "RESILIENT"

Never stop being intentional towards a Growth Mindset and having resilience to setbacks.

Value "EFFORT" and the process towards learning. #careldwek #mindset

I'll see you all in the gym drilling Jiu Jitsu, boxing and kickboxing with words of encouragement and wisdom helping you push towards internal strength. #strikemma #strikemixedmartialarts #resilience #growth #growthmindset #grit #angeladuckworth #community #new #blog #alchemy

David Johnson

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