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Strike MMA Fighters Tyrown Wiagana  &  Lorenz Araneda set to fight on Eternal mma May 11TH

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

EnterCode: STRIKEMMA Tyrown Waigana v Blake Coleman is set to be an exciting matchup. With Tyrown not having fought for 1.5yrs he has improved exponentially, consistently training in that time. He is a very versatile fighter stopping his last opponent with strikes. Prior for him were 2 submission losses but Tyrown has a much improved ground game and is feeling confident wherever the fight may go. He faces off with Blake Coleman, a dangerous striker with explosive power. Blake is a Karate Black Belt and has the potential to end the fight with lightning speed and accuracy. He is relatively new to the ground game and will be trying to keep this fight standing and at a distance, looking for a finish.
We asked Tyrown about his upcoming fight...

"What are your thoughts on your opponent"?

Tyrown: "Ben seemed to have pretty good striking in the bit of footage I did see, questioning what else he has to offer".

"How do you feel about the fight"?

Tyrown: "Good, Probably an interesting battle of styles". "This is the strongest I've felt leading into a fight".

"How do you think the fight will go and what are your predictions"?

Tyrown': "Im confident in saying I'll get the win". "I have a pretty well-rounded game now and if I stay patient I should be able to shut him down".

Lorenz Araneda v Jason Prosser

Lorenz is making his MMA debut and is taking Jacob and this fight very seriously with his dedication to his training schedule. He has a great attitude and professionalism for someone who has been training for just over twelve months. Lorenz shows alot of potential and is hungry to turn this into victory in his Eternal debut. His opponent Jacab was recently in a wimp to warrior fight, training up for 3months and then winning his fight in his matchup.

We asked Lorenz about his upcoming fight..

What are your thoughts on your opponent"?

Lorenz: "I think he is going to be ready for battle so I will for one minute underestimate him, however looking more than forward to fighting".

"How do you feel about the fight"?

Lorenz: "Nervous but excited, I've been waiting for this opportunity for a while".

"How do you think the fight will go and what are your predictions"?

Lorenz: "I'd like to say win, but to be honest I don't have an outcome in mind". "Anything can happen in a fight so win or lose I don't care as long as I step out the cage with my head held high".

Don't miss this show as it is packed with WA local MMA Talent, Current and up and coming stars.

Remember to use Ticket Code: STRIKEMMA when purchasing the tickets with the link below.

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