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Tyrown is one of our young trainers and fighters at Strike MMA in Port Kennedy. He is now a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is very well versed in the MMA systems, blending and flowing all styles together to create his own unique flavour of mixed martial arts.

Q & A Time with Tyrown Waigana

Q: What was your first martial arts experience, what style was it and how old were you?

My first martial arts experience was ninjitsu when I was 10. It lasted all of 3 lessons.

Q: What other martial arts styles are you trained in?

Other styles I have done before doing MMA and BJJ at strike was Kickboxing, Freestyle Wrestling, and a more traditional Muay Thai.

Q: How Long have you been training at Strike MMA?

I have been at strike for nearly 3 now and absolutely loving it.

Q: What is your competition experience?

I’ve had 3 amateur MMA fights and done many BJJ competitions.

Q: What has being a part of the Strike MMA Community done for your personal growth?

Being part of the strike community provides me an anchor. I find I can get a bit carried away with life and lifestyle choices. Strike helps me to reel it back in, getting back on track.

Q: What are your experiences with work?

I am currently an artist and designer, creating art for my brand "Crawlin Crocodile".

I’ve worked as a kids kickboxing instructor, plumbers offside and trainee draftsmen.

Q: What are your interests and hobbies?

Mma, BJJ, drawing, painting, creating art and always looking to try new things creatively.

Q: What has training martial arts done for you?

It’s made me more disciplined and through every major or minor loss, it’s made me more dedicated. It’s helped me

to realise what needs to be done, not what I think should happen and I apply this to my

endeavours outside of training.

Q: What are your goals and aspirations in martial arts?

In the long term I wouldn’t mind having a couple of pro mma fight just for the evolution of my mma, getting my black belt and teaching others what I’ve learnt.

Short term goals would be to get a win for amateur mma, stay active in competition, continue to learn and grow as an athlete. Just want to do all I can do for a long as I can.


To wrap it up, Tyrown has become a valued member of Strike MMA. His dedication and consistency to his craft is at an elite level.

In 2018 he won the club Trophy for "Adult Overall MMA & BJJ Practitioner of the year"

Tyrown is currently preparing for an upcoming bout on Eternal MMA, December 7th at The Italian Club, North Perth. (Tickets available at reception). Tyrown is hungry for victory with a massive increase and focus on conditioning, being exposed to challenging situations at Bing's bootcamp, early morning drill sessions at Strike and hard sparring with the fight team.

Tyrown is most certainly a creative wizard combining a blend of unique artistry with his paintings, digital pieces, comic strips and unusual sculptures. You can see glimpses of mixing in his heritage of aboriginal art with his quirky style of characters and themes.

Tyrown is an artist in and out of the cage and with his love for expressing himself creatively it is wonderful to see and watch Tyrown Waigana's "ARTISTRY & FLOW"

- Dave Johnson

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1 Comment

Have things in live we regret and things we never regret, our family GBJJT becomes more strong when dave Jonson became part of it.

His loyalty and team work, makes the difference, his Studants are the mirror of his hard work, I had the privilege to be in his gym many times and always I was surprised how the team got stronger, thank you very much brother, we are so proud of you. you had done a fantastic work and well represent GBJJT all of Australia.

God bless you all.

“We are one but we are many”

We have a long journey together, and many goals to achieve.


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