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Sunday 21nd July we had some Strike MMA students jump back into competition who had not competed for some time.

Jacob Sinning was gallant in his efforts, sustaining an elbow injury in the first match and digging deep to jump back out there for 2 more matches.

When I asked Jacob what he likes the most about being out there competing, he replied,

"I like Trying".

I was impressed with this mature answer from a 9 year old.

Next up was Nakya Vogelaar in a tough battle with a Green Belt. After pulling her opponent into closed guard, Nakya's most dangerous and attacking position, she was vigorously attacking sweeps and submissions. But with no points scored in the match Nakya was awarded referees decision for most active and attacking, winning Gold.

Kira Amidzic was in a close battle and was dominating through the early parts of her match. Kira's strong passing game and pressure game is fantastic. The match ended so close with just 2 points separating the scores and Kira was just behind on the score card at the buzzer. It was a great performance, first comp in some time to win Silver.

Kynan Vogelaar was also in a close battle in his match fighting to get free of his opponents closed guard. Kynan tried various ways of passing guard but as the time came to an end the scores were locked up. The Referee gave Kynan the Silver medal for being less active, (controversial) But still a great effort by Kynan for his Silver medal.

Dylan Harrison was up against a fierce competitor, he was taken down early and was able to defend a few of his opponents attacks and especially escaping a tight rear choke. He was caught in an armbar in a transition from mount, never giving up without a fight. Dylan's improvements are evident but mostly in his resilience and grit. Regular competition for Dylan will fruit great results.

Jack Sinning was up next. He fought off his opponents well, getting out of some bad positions and also establishing some dominant positions, scoring his first points ever in competition. Unfortunately he was subbed in his first match via kimora and second an armbar. Jack is not very aggressive by nature, so I'm always super happy to see this young man get out there and challenging himself. He showed more intensity and activity than ever and was extremely competitive.

Zack Coomey was re-matching the same blue belt from his past competition that he defeated. Zack was taken down in this match, of which Zack reversed it, then they spun again with Zack ended up on bottom closed guard and opponent awarded the 2 points for takedown. This is where the score card remained, with Zack in constant attack mode of sweeps and subs. Twice zack nearly tapped his opponent but he was able to escape with Zack recovering guard. Zack received the Silver medal.

The Open weight for Zack saw some tough battles and highly skilled opponents. Bigger stronger Blue belts are tough. But you can see Zack is going to be right in the mix and always a problem for any opponent. His game is on a fast rise and he can credit that to his positive attitude towards training and never missing a competition.

Jaime Booysen was fantastic in his first match winning 9-2. This was a tough match trying to keep and maintain position as his opponent was good at guard recovery and framing up. Jaime came away fatigued after that match but a good start being back after not competing for some time. His second match was even tougher for the Gold. Unfortunately fatigue, timing, with a fit and skilful opponent left Jaime behind on the scoreboard. Still this was a great effort for the Silver medal. It is good to watch Jaime's exciting and dynamic style and movement out there in competition.

Thanks to Peter Vogues and Chas Barker for their dedication and passion in coaching.

With strong and consistent competition preparation, our Strike Jiu Jitsu Team will see High results.

I call on ALL TEAM MEMBERS to join up and prepare for regular competition.

We have a skilled team. Lets show everyone what we can do!!

- Dave Johnson

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