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Our Mission

Strike MMA's Ultimate goal is towards mental health, emotional intelligence, resilience, grit and a growth mindset.

Using our systems created for training individuals in various styles of martial arts and blending them together to be proficient, competent and confident in mixed martial arts. Through the instructors knowledge and dialogue, students are mentored and coached in basic Psychology and build a foundation for stronger life skills.

Strike MMA's community will develop a winning culture of competitive fighters in BJJ, MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing

Strike MMA will host events in BJJ and MMA in order to bring to the local community entertainment and offer our members and other local clubs the opportunity to challenge themselves 

towards growth and showcase their skills.

Our Why?

Our Why? impact as many people in our community in a positive way.

In society we see alot of anxiety, depression, ADHD, ADD, autism, low self esteem, bullying, unnecessary violence, a lack of self control, drug and alcohol abuse. We help in a meaningful way through the strength of the community and guidance from coaching and mentoring at Strike MMA. We believe we can make a difference.                       

Our Mission
Our Why

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