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ubuntu where can i get the proper driver where can i find the proper driver for xubuntu ssj5goku: check the PPA page for VLC, they have the latest version available for you ssj5goku: if it's just a GUI application, it's probably in the repo or maybe you mean the actual VLC program? no i mean the driver for my dell inspiron 15 5554 laptop the video is not playing from the usb i tried all the solutions that i found on the net they are not working so it doesn't play on ANY video player? no it just hangs after loading what happens when you try to play an avi? it hangs on the point after the screen is supposed to be loaded ok, what's the model of your laptop? inspiron 15 5554 asus laptop xubuntu version 16.04 ok, so you installed a distro on it? yes i installed lubuntu on it did you try the windows driver on Windows first? yes i have tried that one too the same error ok this is driving me crazy maybe you can try to use the ubuntu hardware drivers i tried that too how about Ubuntu 17.10? is it still using the xorg 1.17 kernel? i dont know i'd try and install the newest version then



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