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Updated: Apr 1, 2020


Have you ever got stuck underneath your training partner or competitive opponent?

Can't sweep?

Can't submit?

Can't get back to Guard?

Then flick the switch into wrestling mode!!!

Time to stop the BJJ fancy stuff and just WRESTLE!!!!

The Two key components are;

1. Make Space! (covered by Pete Subritzky) in; "Space"

2. Find your bass!

I've trained BJJ now for 14 years and MMA the same amount of time.

When I learned the best time to give up on your sweeps and subs and just start wrestling, it changed my game! Getting back to my feet became easier, and simply creating space with frames and relieving the pressure that the opponent is exerting on me, by pushing the face away with your forearm or with a straightened strong arm and palm to the ear, you can shield with the shin and knee to help with distance and pressure. The main thing is once space is created and pressure is released, GET UP TO YOU HAND AND KNEE!! You can dig for an underhook with your shield arm, the head must follow and tuck up under your opponent's jawline on the same side as the underhook. Getting into this position and up onto your hand, then hip, and to your knee is critical.


Then you've created an opportunity to gain the ascendancy.

Start plucking posts, meaning the far side hand and knee that is stabilising them, driving through at the same time.

This simple mindset and technique will serve you well in BJJ and in MMA, especially in the cage and wall walking. You can use the cage for your advantage in getting up. But be warned, the cage can be used against you in the same manner if you can't make space and relieve pressure.


Now there Are other times I like to wrestle, up against the cage is a good one, but when someone is trying to take back control on you but they haven't secured any hooks yet and have a body lock or seatbelt grip, or when they are in a sprawled position and you are stucked in a turtle position with them on top of you. The sit out is the key move here.

The main position used being your base,

it's just executed from a different position with an explosive hip movement to create angles on your opponent, deflecting pressure and control.

Add this into your BJJ and MMA game.


If you don't then you may very well find yourself on your back more than you need to be.

Try it, with practice, conditioning and timing, it will serve you well, as it's been amazing for my game.

Flick the switch, time to WRESTLE!!!

- Dave Johnson


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