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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

May 22nd 2019

Students aged 6-16yrs were treated to a fun seminar by Professor Paulo Dias "Goioere". Paulo joined Professor David Johnson and assistant coach, Peter Voges at Strike MMA in awarding well deserving students in promotion to the next level in their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training.

On this day many students received stripes on their belts moving closer towards the next level Coloured belt.

There were Eleven students all up who were promoted to the next colour belt.

In Belt Rank Order: Zaiden McKenzie - Grey/white Kai Palmer - Grey/white Lucas Stoneman - Grey James Salmon - Grey/black Jacob Sinning - Grey/black Jasmin Salmon - Yellow/white Aysha Palmer - Yellow Charlie Palmer - Yellow Molly Coomey - Yellow Kira Amidzik - Orange Zack Coomey - Blue

All students have been very hard working and putting in lots of effort every class with the skill level and standard of technical abilities increasing, and whilst some students are more playful than others, you can often see tough battles and challenges between most students during minute battles and rolling (ground grappling).

Some students once reaching 13yrs of age are eligible to train in the teenagers BJJ Team. This class is a little more competitive with bigger bodies and added pressure applied during rolling. Our Teens class is run by Brown Belt Chas Barker and assistant coach Peter Voges. Big thanks to both these men for their contributions in leadership in the gym and running of classes. Bringing a high standard of instruction to the Team.

Kira Amidzic moves up to Orange Belt

Big moment for Kira Amidzik (Left) moving up to Orange Belt. This young lady is a multiple time State and Australian BJJ Champion and we're looking forward to seeing her compete in the near future. Kira has a strong pressure game and likes to overwhelm her opponents once breaking down the defences and has passed the guard. Its fantastic to see her technical game evolving with diverse attacking and defending. Kira is well admired and respected at Strike MMA, a member for 4 years now. She is a great student and role model for the other kids.


Zack Coomey (below) is the first of our kids to come through our system and receive his Blue Belt. This technical wizard at age 16 is giving everyone in the gym dizzy spells with attacks coming from crazy angles and positions. Zack recently won the AFBJJ State No Gi Title over a tough opponent, putting himself on the competition radar for all other competitors.

Zack Coomey moving up to Blue Belt with Professor David Johnson

The Strike MMA Kids | Teen Jiu Jitsu Teams are thriving!!

A massive thank you to all the parents of Strike MMA for supporting and intrusting the coaching staff to guide your children in cultivating good habits and life skills, and of course strong Jiu Jitsu skills.

Well done to all who earned stripes moving closer to their next belt. A big congratulations to all Students receiving their next Belt Level.

And to finish off celebrations the Kids ran, "The Gauntlet, A ride of passage".

*Growing Strong and Confident Human Beings"

Dave Johnson

Owner/Director Strike Mixed Martial Arts

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