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Updated: May 7, 2019

Perth Cup Gi Juniors 2019

In the Boys Junior 12yrs U-33kg catagory

Kynan started strong by winning the takedown,

tripping his opponent from a body lock position.

Kynan Posturing up Trying to break free of Jude's Closed Guard

His opponent Jude had a very good guard and recovered well to retain Kynan inside of it. Kynan had been drilling guard passing recently and he was looking strong in posturing, keeping his back straight with elbows in good place and grips on Jude's Belt. Jude kept breaking down Kynan's posture and pulling his elbows out.

Kynan went to his dominant, trusty shoulder pressure on the the throat.

His arm firmly hooked behind Jude's head, Kynan tri-podding applied shoulder pressure, then worked passing the legs of opponent. Kynan sliced through Jude's guard and got the 3 points for passing the legs then 4 points for mount position. He maintained the shoulder pressure and Jude tapped out under the power of young Kynan. It was a big moment for Kynan as he stepped up to the top level of the podium to win his first gold medal.

Well done Kynan. Well deserved after training hard for this result.

Thanks to all Coaches, Team mates and parents who help contribute to all students preparation.

- Dave Johnson

Kynan Vogelaar Wins Gold at the Perth Cup Gi Juniors

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