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Our Strike MMA "WHY" Blog

Our "Why" is to impact as many people in our community in a positive way as possible. In society we see alot of axiety, depression, adhd, add, autism, low self esteem, bullying, unnecessary violence, a lack of self control, drug and alcohol abuse. We can help in a meaningful way through the strength of the community and guidance from coaching and mentoring at Strike MMA. We believe we can make a difference.

Mentoring and shaping young lives

The above is the, "WHY" we feel such a strong drive and purpose at Strike Mixed Martial Arts. We have made the transition from competitive MMA fighters, growing our strengths emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally pushing through tough training camps, fights and life lessons. We've learnt alot about what it takes to grow internal #alchemy. Combining this with the study of psychology and applying it into the teachings and mentoring of students. This creates a dialogue that gives everyone in the club the tools for clear intentions and growth in (EQ) emotional intelligence and mental health. The product of this is CONFIDENCE. Which helps students thrive in social situations and not fear judgement from others or be so critical of themselves. The most obvious thing to come from training mixed martial arts is gaining skills in self defense. Being able to protect yourself takes away the fear of bullying verbally, intimidation or attack. With the right values, compassion and care It teaches courage to stand up for yourself and others for what is morally right.

Strike MMA and the WA Police partner for BJJ schools programs 2018 and 2019

Don't get me wrong I love watching a good fight that can be a little brutal, but when its in a controlled environment with judges and referees (mma shows like #ufc, #Eternal...) to ensure it doesn't go too far. And who doesn't love to see a good submission put on?? Its entertainment from the highest skilled and versatile athletes on the planet. Our Why is summed up by dedicating ourselves toward mental health, EQ and optimal athletic performance in teaching mixed martial arts.

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