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It's true what they say that you can live 10 lifetimes and never know everything there is to know in jiu jitsu. There is so much variation in how things can be done, from technique, to drills, to philosophy and psychology, to physics and body mechanics. The sport and landscape of Jiu Jitsu is constantly evolving. The gyms and cultures vary from club to club and from country to country.

I received my black belt from my good friend and teacher Paulo Dias "Goioere". A very humble man, kind caring and compassionate. I love his style of Jiu jitsu and have changed my style since stopping MMA fighting to be more similar to his flowing and dynamic style.

Black Belts Dave Johnson, Paulo Dias, William Dias & Stefan Finney

I'm very grateful for his support over the years. For me, becoming a good leader and role model means the most. I have gone through many highs and lows in training and personal life. But training and teaching Jiu Jitsu is truly a humbling and rewarding experience. My goal as a black belt and gym owner is to pass on my passion for Jiu jitsu, values and lessons learned to others. So that they can also have a positive influence on others, if they too pass it on it creates a strong community, purpose and meaning. "Legacy"

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt when earned means far more for the inner strengths gained and cultivated. Each belt has been gained from Tens of thousands of hours spent acquiring knowledge and testing ones mental, physical and spiritual fortitude.

I see the gaining of a Black belt somewhat daunting at first. You can feel like you deserve it and have earned the privilege of wearing it, however you still must gain a deeper understanding of Jiu Jitsu to truly become a Master, a Professor. But most importantly a good teacher and role model. Especially demonstrating resilience to set backs and a Growth Mindset.

This is a look at the journey from a perspective and insights of myself "David Johnson". First and foremost an MMA Competitor until halfway through purple belt, then more passionately moving towards the traditional styles in the Gi after graduating into Brown Belt.

Everyone's journey, experiences, perspectives and opinions vary. I hope you have enjoyed mine.


Professor | Master

Physics, Philosophy, Psychology, Systems and Curricular...


- Dave Johnson

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