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Updated: May 25, 2019

Hi my name is Lorenz Araneda. I fight and train out of Strike MMA in Port Kennedy, Western Australia. I love the challenges and the lessons I learn through pushing myself beyond my limitations psychologically, physically and spiritually.

Let me share with you the emotional roller-coaster of my fight camp and how taxing it was but incredibly rewarding the process is for internal growth.

As a young teenager I was always battling with my mind, constant negativity. The years I spent training martial arts I was becoming stronger. Going back to fight camp I knew within myself martial arts training would be draining, tiring and emotional, but in the time I was training I knew how to push myself and persevere. I did get up some mornings telling myself, I've had enough and I wanted to quit. However I knew what I wanted and the only way I was going to get it was if I kept striving for my goal, my success.

"Fight camp was very challenging. Mentally I found it hard to keep up".

My training partner Tyrown and I pushed ourselves, and each other with the 2 months we had in preparation for our upcoming fights on Eternal MMA 44, at HBF Stadium in Perth. I was thankful for those 2 months because I was training with very exceptional and experienced people, not only that but having my coach Dave Johnson guide me in the right direction with his expertise whenever I was stuck helped me immensely!

The Strike MMA team also helped me relax and contributed to making me well-rounded.

Personally I’ve never trained so hard and felt so ready for anything in my life.

I’m going into this fight very relaxed. I want to win so I’ll do anything I can to come out on top. Many things happen before, during and after fights. I’d made sure to visualise everything that can happen, good and bad. Visualising really helped me ease up and not be so tense. I’d also like to thank Paddy Golden as he taught me about the visualisation.

To me, it was empowering and massively helpful in getting me focused.

I also was reading a combat sports psychology book "Mental Combat" given to me by my coach Dave. I highly recommend it if you're in the fight game.

The night of the fight was very exciting.

I had a great match up and was ready to give it my all. Unfortunately I got caught in the first round via liver kick TKO. I was ready and focused but I didn’t do enough to deliver. I cried quite a bit that night, because I didn’t perform well and cause I was defeated. I learn’t a ton going into that fight and I’m more than ready for the next challenge. I will continue to grow and learn. I am now focused on getting myself ready for the next battle I come across.

I have felt the pain of losing, it hurts! I had one day rest, then back in the Strike MMA gym making adjustments and putting countless hours of rigorous training in. I'm hungry to get my hand raised the next time I step into that Cage.

Success is not final

Success is not failure

It is the courage to continue

that counts

-Winston Churchill

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